Digital Tasweeq is one of the leading event-promotion agencies based in Dubai, specializing in branding, advertising services. With our experience and in depth industry knowledge, we bring life to your campaigns.

Businesses look for ways to maximize their brand reach and branding through event marketing is the latest buzz. Gone are the days when advertising is the sole means to communicate the essence of a brand. Experiential Marketing is the new slogan that helps the firms to build their brand through event marketing.

Why Event Marketing? Well planned and executed event can leave an indelible imprint on the minds of audiences. It’s live and consumers can touch and use the products than just read or hear about it. This unique experience results in a positive change in the consumer attitudes like changing brand preference.

Going that extra mile can make your business stand out from the rest. We, Digital Tasweeq, Make it Happen.

How do we Make it Happen? We understand that meticulous planning during pre-production is the key to make any event successful. So, we embark extensive research and come up with creative ideas that can make great impact. With our impeccable execution strategies, we bring in life to the conceptualized ideas.  We motivate and inspire the audience and thereby bring in real time results with our expert planning and delivery.

We help firms to enhance their brand identity with our strategic and holistic approach. Being  one of the pioneer event promotion companies in the UAE, we offer end to end solution for branding from conceptualizing the ideas to executing them in an orderly manner. Our hand picked motley crew of seasoned professionals bring the campaigns to life. We handle every step from creating ideas to running the event successfully providing regular updates to keep you abreast of the progress.

We offer various marketing campaigns and promotional activities across the UAE. Our services encompass event management, promotions, marketing communication and exhibitions. Not only event management, We provide a complete spectrum of solution to all your branding needs.

Spice up your next event or promotion with our professional, experienced, enthusiastic and reliable marketing staff who can make your dreams come alive.