Email Marketing is a better way to market your products, business and services to new or existing customers and to drive traffic to your website. You can share newsletters about your companies or offers for them to retarget with the existing customers.

“44% of Email recipients made atleast one purchase based on a promotional mail 2013 “

Digital Tasweeq offers effective email marketing solution which helps you make design,email layout framing, writing email campaign contents and maintain your email marketing campaigns. We also provide the email campaign reports for your campaigns which has how many people opened your mail, how many of them responded, how many of them still not opened. Finally our email campaigns has the measureable metrics to analyse about the campeign performance.

The quality of our email database is high end. We have our database with the details of age, sex, location and education, profession. Based on this we will set our successful campaign to produce maximum results for our valuable clients.

Email Marketing works in the following ways

  • Which brings new customers/visitors.
  • Helps to retarget with existing customers by sending offers and news letters
  • Which helps to improve your online presence.
  • Which helps to improve your brand value.